Commissioned promotion video
Video, 2019
Myrthe wanted to go on exchange to Bali, Indonesia. To win a scholarship she had to make a 2 minute video explaining what she would be doing during her exchange. Myrthe asked me to help make a promotion video for her scholarship.
Myrthe was going to do very important work in hospitals to provide information about HIV and improve hygiene. Because that's still a big issue in Indonesia.
Together we worked on a script to explain the issue, why it's a big problem and what Myrthe would be going to do to help. And of course, why she deserved a scholarship. 
I made a portrait of Myrthe in her living environment, trying to show who she is. Next we went to her school to show her work environment and all the hygiene stuff that is so important to prevent HIV.
Our hard work paid off, because Myrthe got the scholarship.

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