Procreate, 2021
Sometimes I tell people; if only I could be a shepherd. Spend the whole day outside in nature, alone with my animals. Then I'd return home. To my plants, my art studio and my boyfriend. No chaos, no pressure but a simple life. 
Recently I came across the term "ambitieschaarste" (ambition scarcity/shortage) 
in a book by Carmen Felix.
She writes that she has never felt the ambition to work really hard. Or work at all. She hates the term "spare time" because it is in your spare time that you do the things you love. What if we could live, and also work a little? Rather than work to live.
"There is just something in me that is totally okay with working 2 or 3 days a week to earn just enough money to live comfortably, and enjoy everything in life that has nothing to do with work. Maybe that's a scarcity of ambition."
I recognize myself so much in her words, and suddenly I realized what I have been feeling all my life. I too, have a bit of ambition scarcity. And that's why I sometimes dream of being a shepherd.

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